Summer Semester 2019 Program



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Aimed at the entire Aachen and regional public, RWTHextern has once again put together an exciting program for the 2019 summer semester. The varied offers will allow illuminating insights into the research conducted at RWTH while also taking a look behind the scenes of the academic institution.

There's bound to be something for everyone among the broad range of offers. For instance, you'll have the opportunity to go on a virtual visit to the most massive experiment currently undertaken by humankind at the CERN in Geneva. Or learn about the Versailles Treaty, or ponder the question of whether eliminating cash would be a good idea.

As always, RWTHextern will present the various scientific topics in an entertaining and easy to follow manner while also being open to critical dialogue.


Future Lab Aachen

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RWTHextern is a partner of Future Lab Aachen – The Art of Progress.



The city guide FLApp has been available since the summer of 2017.The app offers a look into research in Aachen.


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