The reputation of the Biology Departments is closely tied with that that of the RWTH Aachen University as a whole. It is becoming increasingly recognized internationally that the RWTH is a ‘hot spot’ location where innovative solutions to global challenges are being sought and found.

The Aachen Biology and Biotechnology Departments have a national and international status that has been strengthened by recent staff acquisitions targeted specifically to support the research foci ‘Protection and Transformation of Plant Biomass’ and ‘Neurobiology and Bionics’.

As a central ‘Life Science’ discipline Aachen ‘Biology and Biotechnology’ is well integrated in research networks like the ‘BioEconomy Science Centre’ (BioSC), in which Professor Ulrich Schwaneberg (Dept. of Biotechnology) is a managing director and Professor Uwe Conrath (Unit of Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology) is identified as a ‘Core Institute’ within BioSC.

Furthermore Aachen Biology and Biotechnology have close ties with Research Institutions and Industry both nationally and internationally, such that graduates can count on broad opportunities for their future career development.