Glycosidases/ Glycosynthases

Synthesis of Poly-LacNAc-Structures Copyright: L. & F. Biomaterialien

Novel synthetic strategies, involving chemo-enzymatic cascade reactions as well as glycosidase-catalyzed reactions under microwave irradiation, have been developed in our group. These strategies allow the synthesis of modified (biotinylated) nucleotide sugars [37, 48] and nucleotide oligosaccharides [34, 40, 43, 69].

The galactosidase BgaC from B. circulans has been successfully transformed into a galactosynthase by site-directed mutagenesis of the active center. The resulting glycosynthase BgaC Glu233Gly was used in combinatorial biocatalysis with the glycosyltransferases β4GalT-1 and β3GlcNAcT for the synthesis of LacNAc type I and type II in both sequential and one-pot synthetic approaches.