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The project within the SFB380 focus on the evaluation and application of iso-enzymes of sucrose synthase for the synthesis of sucrose analogues.

Our previous work [6, 9, 36] and further studies demonstrate the enormous substrate spectrum of SuSy.

Finally, by considering the configuration and conformation of accepted monosaccharides a concept will be developed for the rational screening of novel acceptors and inhibitors of SuSy. The synthesized sucrose-analogues were tested as sugar signals in the signal transduction pathways of plants in co-operation with Prof. Dr. Thomas Roitsch [40] (University of Regensburg,Institute of Cell Biology and Plant Physiology) and as tools for studies on the sucrose transport in plants with NMR imaging techniques in co-operation with Dr. Walter Köckenberger (University of Nottingham, School of Physics and Astronomy, Magnetic Resonance Group).